Wicked good cheesecakes, handmade daily with local ingredients

Vermont Cheesecake Company takes pride in using wholesome, local ingredients in our cakes. The fresh, creamy taste of blended cheeses & free-range eggs is the forefront of flavor in each cake. Our crusts are made from scratch with premium ingredients & the liquors & maple syrup are straight from Vermont farms.
Cheesecakes are handmade daily in small batches and fresh frozen immediately. 

We hope you enjoy your favorite, local Vermont cheesecake made from the heart.

" Lisa, I'm pretty sure the cheesecake you shared with me was the best I've ever eaten ...

Thank you for thinking of me, Regina "


Cheesecake Varieties

Wicked Original

Creamy Vermont cheesecake in its purest form with a graham crust.

Spotted Cow Fudge

Original cheesecake, Belgian chocolate fudge, dark chocolate cookie crust. (pictured right).

Red Barn

Creamy cheesecake topped with a raspberry glaze and white chocolate, homemade butter cookie crust.


Original cheesecake topped with Belgian chocolate fudge, buttery caramel, toasted pecans, homemade fudge brownie crust.  (Gotta love "Mud Season" in Vermont).

Knotty Pine

A creamy, hint of almond cheesecake with a buttery almond shortbread crust, topped with an apricot glaze & toasted pine nuts.  (i e. "nawdy poine" - saluting a particular bunch of lumber yard fellas, as distinctive as their twang, this cake is a keeper).

Wicked with Salted Caramel

Creamy cheesecake generously drizzled with salted, buttery caramel, homemade graham crust - need we say more.....

Lemon Ribbon

Light, lemony cheesecake with a ribbon of homemade lemon curd, buttery, lemon shortbread crust.

Retro Magic  (small cheesecakes)

Buttery, chewy, graham, coconut and chocolate chip crust paired with our original creamy cheesecake, topped with toasted coconut and chocolate fudge.

Campus Munch  (small cheesecakes)

Peanut butter and chocolate fudge brownie paired with our original cheesecake, topped with peanuts, caramel and chocolate fudge.


Cakes of the Season

September - Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Pecan Snap

Original swirled with pumpkin spice cheesecake, homemade gingersnap crust, VT apple butter swirl & pecans.

Vermont Maple Cream

Not too sweet with a homemade gingersnap crust.

December - February

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate cheesecake with homemade chocolate cake, drizzled with dark Belgian chocolate.

May - July

Key Lime  

Genuine key lime cheesecake with key lime cream & graham crust.


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What our customers
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"Just wanted to let you know that my family enjoyed one of your cheesecakes for the first time this year as our Christmas dinner dessert. I have never heard such compliments! Everyone raved over the taste saying it was the best cheesecake they had ever eaten. It was a very big hit. Thank you for making such a delicious & locally based product!" - Nancy