Wicked good cheesecakes, handmade daily with local ingredients

Vermont Cheesecake Company   Stowe, Vermont.

Buy local and keep farms a mainstay in the landscape of our America.

Ask yourself,  Are You Rooted ?!

Vermont Cheesecake Company stays true to its roots by baking with wholesome,local dairy ingredients.

The fresh, creamy taste of our cakes is wicked good and can only come from quality cream, milk and colorful free-range eggs.

Admittedly, each of our chickens here in Stowe is called by name. This could lead you to ponder which chickens’ eggs are in your cake as you experience "happy magic" with each delicious bite - Gidget, FlufferNutter, Poppins, Daisy, Big Mama, Lucy - the list goes on…

Stay rooted, give back, make it work - that’s what we’re all about.


" I met Pete in the hall & he informed me that he had put the cheesecake I had given him as a gift  in the refrigerator at home and had forgotten about it until his wife asked him what it was.  It was promptly removed for consumption.  Two of his three daughters demurred as they "don’t like cheesecake".  The rest of the family tried a piece & were so pleased that the remaining two were "forced" to try a piece - they also became quite pleased.  Pete ate the remainder.  He told me that the cheesecake rivals his grandmother’s cake.  Then on further reflection he said Lisa’s cake "edged her out".  He asked me to let him know when I was headed for Vermont again so he could order more varieties.   He finally came out with the last remark - "best I ever ate".     - a Jersey tale

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"We’re gonna be honest... we’ve never had cheesecake this good. Vermont Cheesecake Company will be your favorite guilty pleasure! " - Graze Delivered   Vermont Artisanal Foods